“Assessing the financial brand value of the entire business requires valuation over time. It’s a movie, not a snapshot. Only then can valuation be used to define how brand and marketing drive value across the business, and to identify specific opportunities to optimize marketing to grow revenue, profits and shareholder value.”
“Social science has shown that people are far more moved by stories told in terms of actual individuals rather than in aggregate figures that can be too much for our simple brains to grasp. In the same way, the most effective entrepreneurs describe the problem they are solving in very personal terms. They talk about a specific customer or about their own experience with the pain they are trying to solve.”

Anthony Lee, General Partner, Altos Ventures

Why Big, Why Now, Why You? | Altos Ventures

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“I take [for] myself the liberty to reassess everything we do in sports and simply ask the question: If our competitors spend 20-40-50-times as much as we do, is it wise to go there just to show we are in their league? Isn’t experiential a better opportunity? To surprise people positively about Cadillac’s presence? Nobody is surprised if you come to a golf tournament and see a luxury-car brand advertising there. It’s exactly what you expect.”
“Our research implies that individuals in crowds will experience greater heights of emotion due to shared experience of the event. However, the type of emotion they feel will largely depend on the nature of the event. So, if people are co-attending to violence, they will feel angrier. If they are co-attending to kindness, they will feel more empathetic… Simply put, shared experience simply magnifies our default reaction to an event.”
Garriy Shteynberg, a psychologist at the University of Tennessee.”A Sociological History of Soccer Violence