“There is as yet no clearly known path for a brand to follow so as to become salient and enter a consumer’s consideration set. (Similarly, there is no clear evidence for how initially uncommitted embryonic stem cells settle down to become the dedicated nerve cells which can actually counteract Parkinson’s disease.)”
Helen Bloom, Rachel Kennedy, Andrew Ehrenberg and Neil Barnard. “Brand advertising as creative publicity" warc sub req’d
“So if we decide that we are somehow above marketing, then corporations will adapt by competing to make the cheapest product at the detriment of the economy and planet. If we complain publicly but fail to vote with our money, corporations will learn that our complaints don’t mean anything and just stop listening. If we act as though everything we buy is merely a commodity, industries will eventually consolidate, and we’ll lose the power of choice. It may be more responsibility than we want, but the fact is that the only thing keeping our systems in check is our own engagement in those systems.”
Bruce Philip. “Consumers Rule” @brandcowboy
“We see the power of branding in the center part of the store,” says Cathy Burns, president of the PMA, admitting that her industry is lagging behind. “Watch a child walk down the cereal aisle and watch the emotional connection they have to the front of the boxes and what characters are on there. They just don’t have that emotional attachment in the produce aisle. What our industry is starting to recognize is that the power of brand, depending on how it is marketed, can create a tremendous relationship between that brand and the consumer.”
David Sax. “Me No Want Cookie!" Sesame Workshop puts the junk food industry on notice.
“P&G seems well out in front of the rest of the marketing world — or what used to be known as the marketing world — on this. A search on LinkedIn shows nearly 73,000 marketing directors and associate marketing directors, including more than 100 P&Gers who haven’t updated their info yet, but only 1,350 brand directors or associate/assistant brand directors.”
“Now before you scream that the whole point of online is the stream – the ceaseless cascade of always updated stories – I want to question whether “the stream” is really a satisfying form for providing what great media should deliver – namely voice and point of view. I would argue it is not, and our obsession with producing as many stories as possible (directly correlated to two decades of pageview-driven business models) has denatured the media landscape, rewarding an approach that turns us all into hummingbirds, frantically dipping our information-seeking beaks into endless waving fields of sugary snacks.”
John Battelle “A return to form in media
“At the Brain and Creativity Institute [which Damasio directs], we have been doing cross-cultural studies of emotion. At first we thought we would find very different patterns, especially with social emotions. In fact, we don’t. Whether you are studying Chinese, Americans, or Iranians, you get very similar responses. There are lots of subtleties and lots of ways in which certain stimuli elicit different patterns of emotional response with different intensities, but the presence of sadness or joy is there with a uniformity that is strongly and beautifully human.”